Since 2012 VERNER has stood as one of Australia’s most intelligent and irreverent women’s wear labels. Experimenting with design and shape the garments play on gender, wear ability, and function. A VERNER piece does more than move from day-to-night, but infused with a sense of creative originality often is created to be worn in different ways on the body. They blend notions of leisure and daywear, asking the wearer to reconsider how they dress: sleepwear is reimagined in chic all day separates, and classics are reborn as tomboy accessories.

Like the best people, VERNER designs wear their intelligence well and never announce their intentions too loudly. From afar their style is uncountable, but upon closer inspection they continue to reveal themselves. Thoughtful details are discovered after several wears and don’t disappoint. Although always highly considered, the focus remains on creating effortless easy to wear clothes that reference the Australian lifestyle with a graceful flippancy. While some associate antipodean style with dusty figures of last century, a VERNER girl is unflinchingly modern and always looking forward.

VERNER believes clothing can convey a train of thought as well as style. As each season’s pieces reflect our own sartorial desires, they also spin a larger story of our past and future. They are self aware of the Australian luxury we know, punctuated with easy elegance and wide blue skies, but also explore the sides of our personality we don’t lend to post cards. A part of ourselves that is often unspoken but never forgot, one we carry in our voices and actions.

They address what influences our tastes and choices. The designs don’t allow the wearer to believe whole-heartedly in the stale presentation of Australiana, but rather push them to define their own national identity that is inclusive and complex. One that sees Australia today as a multifaceted and cultural society where inspiration sourced on a city block can flow from around the world.

Ultimately VERNER designs are a quiet but never hushed statement to our own lives, the people that populate them, the places we come from, and those we’re going to. They carry the fingerprints of what makes us Australian, and wear them like a heart on a tailored sleeve. Ultimately they’re a statement to a place we love but don’t always understand, although through we can’t help but be drawn to.