Born in Hong Kong, Adriana Giuffrida spent her early years travelling the world with her family and developing her love of fashion.
Family and fashion continued to influence Adriana during her formative years. Through the many generations of women before her who taught themselves and each other the art of craft, Adriana was imbued with a sense of creativity as a form of expression.

Eventually settling in Melbourne, Adriana took that learning to another level when she completed a BA in Fashion Design and a Diploma of Textile Design, both at Melbourne’s RMIT.

Armed with experience, education and enthusiasm, Adriana was soon working with some of the big names in Australian design, including Something Else by Natalie Wood, Bleach, Myer and P.A.M (Perks & Mini). She was a founding contributor to The Blackmail, where as Fashion Editor she gave readers access to a range of Australia’s most gifted and unique designers.

Throughout her busy career Adriana continued to pursue the love of travel she was born with. It was during one of these trips that she was inspired to start creating her own line of jewellery, and POMS was born.

Adriana launched her first collection in September 2011 and has been nurturing and developing her range ever since. Each piece is lovingly handmade and, like the natural beauty that inspires the creations, each piece is totally unique.