We feel so lucky that we are able to share with you this absolutely stunning collection for Spring & Summer 2015 by Jérôme Dreyfuss.

In a van with Jim, Kurt and Amy. 

Imagine those cursed heros with their mythical voices and their inimitable look, climbing on impulse into some old camper, it's floor covered in threadbare Moroccan rugs and it's roof sporting their surfboards as the trio makes a beeline for the Moroccan beach. 


Meet the beautiful Georgia Graham, our model from the recent 'DRESS UP' look book and campaign shoot. 

Georgia has just finished a nice little debut season in Paris walking for the industry's current golden boy Jacquemus and in King Karl's supermarket sweep at Chanel.

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Photographed by Rene Vaile, Styled by Ilona Hamer, T-shirt by Dress Up clothing SS1415